3 most effective things you can do online to increase your sales over Christmas

As the Holiday season can now be declared “Officially Open”, the “buying frenzy” for Christmas presents is taking over everyone around us. This makes December a great month to get your brand heard and engage with your customers on a deeper level, at a time when they will be most positive and willing to receive promotional messages. On the other hand, this is also one of the most competitive seasons in terms of marketing effectiveness, due to the increased advertising messages volume from each business trying to attract its customers’ attention.

Looking at the role of technology in Marketing and how it has transformed the industry in the past years, as well as how the population is becoming more digitally savvy and active online, there is no wonder brands allocate more and more budget to new ways of engaging with customers online. Below are the 3 things we consider to be most effective when looking at increasing your Brand Awareness, Customer Engagement & Acquisition and ultimately revenue during this upcoming season:

1. Make the most out of Social Media

It probably goes without saying that most of us check their Social Media profiles at least once an hour, and this is the medium where most Millennials and GenX look for recommendations, information about brands or product reviews. Being active and allowing people to get to know you better, as well as showcasing your products, offers and the ways in which you positively affect your community are essential for increasing your Brand Value and strengthen your relationships with both potential and existing followers. Make sure you have a content schedule specific for each platform, you research the best hours for releasing posts on each and are responsive to comments and interactions - clients love that! Remember, the foundation of a great brand image can be build with only a few delighted clients, and this is one of the best mediums to generate word-of-mouth! And the best part of Social media? It’s free!

Get Pro: Social Media Marketing campaigns are proven to be amongst the most effective, efficient and targeted methods of reaching existing and potential customers. Facebook allows you advanced targeting options such as individual online buying behaviour or income, turning its Ads Manager into a highly powerful tool for reaching the exact type of customers you need. Game time?

2. Promote the creation of User-Generated Content

Everyone wants to feel special and be part of “something bigger” - using content generated by your customers, as well as directly engaging with them for sharing your message or build online campaigns is one of the most powerful tools for strengthening relationships and increase trust. It also positions your business as one caring for its community, that listens to its’ clients and is truly part of their lives. Examples of this are contests requiring them to take pictures with your products and use a specific hashtag, create videos or do other offline activities. This is where you can get as creative and crazy as you want, depending on your target public’s characteristics. Brands that did very powerful campaigns with User-Generated content are Red Bull - the #PutACanOnIt campaign , Starbucks with their Red Christmas cups, or even Carrefour - which in some countries runs Christmas colouring / drawing competitions for children, which are then promoted online and in-store. Pro tip: Your followers are also a great way of gaining exposure and organic traffic. If you run online competitions during this period, use calls to a action and ask them to tag the friends they would share the prize with. To achieve a better exposure, if you run the contest on Facebook, sharing your competition post as “Public” should be one of the entry requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask, some of our greatest awareness campaigns results were generated by involving the brands’ communities - and people love winning free things! :)

3. Email Marketing

No matter the size of your business, if you have a database with customer information (you can start with as little as Email Addresses and names!) there is no excuse why not to use this powerful channel. This year has brought a lot of development for the tools and technology available towards creating your own newsletters and promotions, and many now allow the creation of Templates and Email campaigns from scratch. Email remains one of the most profitable Direct Marketing channels, with an average return on marketing investment of 3000% considering the value of generated purchases. If you have a small database (less than 2000 records), you can start with a tool like MailChimp, which has a Free Trial version. Alternatively, if you are looking at growing, or your database is more than 5000 records you can look into more versatile and intelligent tools such as the Related Marketing Cloud, which offers, besides Email marketing, SMS, Mobile Push Notifications and Recommendations modules. They are currently one of the fastest growing companies in the industry in the UK and work with some of the biggest E-Commerce brands internationally - definitely worth having a look if you are ambitious about considerably growing your revenue and offering your customers personalised journeys while also increasing conversion and upselling rates.
Getting started: If you never collected Email addresses before, it’s never too late! Christmas is a great time for creating promotions or prize draws where you can ask for your customers’ details for entering the competition. When doing this, just make sure you include a note in the form / landing page letting them know entering will also subscribe them to your newsletter and/or future promotional offers. If you don’t have enough resource for incorporating this in your website, a good alternative are landing page building platforms such as Unbound
Get Pro: If you collect your customers names together with their Email Addresses, include their first name in the Subject line - this will considerably increase your open rates!

In a nutshell, these are the three areas on which you can start working as soon as today to ensure your brand will thrive through this holiday season - and add one more reason to celebrate at the end of the month.

While this is only an overview, there are specific details and “tricks” that can be used, as well as certain digital targeting and engagement vehicles that can boost your brand further, massively increasing engagement and sales. Our Christmas present for you? Until 15th December we offer a one-hour consultation meeting free of charge for each new inquiry, and we’d love to hear how we might be able to contribute to your business growth!

At Marketiu, we can help you get to the edge and maximise your Digital Marketing returns as well as exponentially grow your business, and we have obtained continuous success through Marketing channels integration and optimisation, good scheduling and on-spot control, tailored to the last detail for each of our clients.

Would you like to implement the above tactics and develop a more powerful Marketing Strategy for your Brand or Organisation, but It’s lack of personal time or internal resources that are holding you back? Give us a shout - we’d be happy to give you a hand and get you to the next level!
Think we can help? Get in touch @ hello@marketiu.com! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and this might be just the moment you were looking forward to, for setting your business on a rising Profit Curve in 2018!

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